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Artist Portfolio Review

If you are interested in submitting your work for review, we recommend you look through this site to better understand the type of work we carry. Gallery 415 is a privately owned, commercial gallery that shows work by Latin American artists living in Latin America or the US. We are not currently reviewing portfolios from artists other than with a Latin American background. Our focus is on paintings and sculptures, but we also show prints, photography, digital images, and video installations.

If you think your portfolio is a good fit for Gallery 415, here is the procedure:

  1. Submit 15-20 electronic images of your work. Please be sure that each of photo is labeled with your name, the title of the work, year, size, medium, and price.
  2. Include a resume, cover letter, statement about your art, and any articles or critique you have of your work. Texts are accepted in English or Spanish. Your information will be reviewed by Gallery 415 staff members. Electronic portfolios or Web site links can be e-mailed to "info at g415 dot com".
  3. Work is assessed for its quality, originality, and potential to enhance the collection exhibited by the gallery. Our artists vary widely in terms of their age, education and experience. However, we carry only artists that have had some international exposure outside their native country (be it exhibitions, competitions or other venues) and only from professional artists -- meaning that creating art must be your full time occupation.
  4. The review process takes 2-4 weeks. If your work is selected for further review, we will arrange an appointment with you to see your original work.
  5. All of our works are on consignment from the artist.

If you have additional questions about the portfolio review, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

77 Van Ness Ave, 8th floor| San Francisco, CA 94102 | 1.415.690.0026