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Vicente Antonorsi - The Artist

Vicente Antonorsi

The twenty works that Vicente Antonorsi is exhibiting in this exposition represent an important emphasis in the discourse that this artist has engaged in throughout his discrete but enduring career.

These new proposals flow through three scenes, where tensions between spontaneity and forms of nature, and the rationale of constructed and manipulated structures, diminish to a level that has not been seen before in artistic production.

Firstly, it is important to emphasize the subtlety of a work that is ruled by a precision that utilizes certain esthetic models from modernity. This shows its relevance to the contrasting group of creators who communicate the formal legacy of abstraction and minimalism, the importance of purity as an esthetic aspiration, and recovering a method of working that is similar to craftsmanship.

Secondly, it is important to show that this recent series by Vicente Antonorsi supersedes the expressive registers of the varied works from his ?laboratory of natural history?, subtly accentuating his potential. As a result of this, any references to the essential esthetic values of organic origins are exposed to a dialogue with the structure of his work.

Finally, it is important to highlight the work that has been developed by this artist with industrial wood derivatives: an unusual experience in the Venezuelan artistic scene. The materials that Antonorsi has used for this exhibition are not exactly on the scale of the so-called ?Noble Woods?, but are industrial products that are considered to be inferior due to their impure origins. Vicente Antonorsi rediscovers - through a process of work that is distinct from the practices usually linked with wood sculptures - visual values that manifest a delicate exercise of composition and assembly with the fewest possible resources, and in which the nature of the materials that the artist transforms and the vegetable elements he selects, appear to be organized under a rational discourse that is removed from any romantically inspired narrative.

The pieces show a framework of textures and shapes that point to a new volumetric abstraction in line with contemporary discourse. Within this discourse, the idea of traditional sculpture is shifted, to emphasize the intrinsic beauty of these representations of volume and moderating the concepts that are linked to natural translucency and purity.

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