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Venuz White - The Artist

The biological poetry of Venuz White

The pictorial work of Venuz White has an eloquently contemporary quality in its conceptions and implications. The artist express herself with painting but her canvases lack references in the history of styles, and even thought her purposes can be qualified as abstract in the procedure she uses, her images remind us immediately of an inner world, a biological one, in which like amplified cellular membranes, meticulously cover the total surface of the canvas.

It can be said, that her work splits in two complementary directions, one in which her investigations mainly concern the behavior of color in acrylic painting, in reference to its essence and chemistry, and the other one in which imagination leads to a poetic approach of the unseen, as if penetrating natures epidermis, uncovering a microscopic universe, invisible to the human eye, but at the same time vibrant and vital.

Regarding her chromatic expression, even thought her work begins with a predetermined palette of colors she allows the relationship of colors to conform a composition, in which they react according random acts of chance. For instance her experiments of the behavior of color under different chemical reactions ends up in expansions and contractions within the colors, creating intensities and aura type of surrounding when they merge with each other.

As to metaphoric implications of her scientific inspiration, her work invites the viewer to make a voyage to the center, towards his inner self, as if announcing the chance of discovering, in the same way as traveling visually over the surface of her paintings -- an infinity of tiny universes, small cellular forms, all of them part of a harmonic and stimulating whole, however each one with its own particular life.

Texts by: Eduardo Serrano
Art historian, curator and art critic

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