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Cesar Romero - The Artist

One principle for testing creative authenticity is the correspondence that occurs between the character and manners of the artist and the created object -- of the handling of the artificial material and the resulting form of the work.   This harmony is clearly present in the approach to art by Cesar Romero, where with an original surrealist language he shows us images that he encounters through observation and contemplation of his surroundings.

His images are populated with demons, elemental creatures and elves but also the immediate nature that surrounds him daily - the hilly country side outside Bogotá. These characters, real and imaginary, are reproduced poetically in his works, with lines and forms full of color and expression.

Romero's paintings are unmistakable and even at first glance, traces of influence by Paul Klee and Marc Chagall can be recognized. However, the humor and wit, with its air of innocence and strong spontaneity, lends a fresh and distinctly personal character to his works. His sequential style of painting allows us to discover new imprints and textures along each step of the way, and the composition reminds us of the organic forms so present and inspirational in his current work.


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