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Pedro Teran - The Artist

Water Drawings

For this exhibition Pedro Terán is presenting his "Water Drawings". From the repertoire of fine arts, he has selected watercolor drawings. They are inks and watercolors on medium format paper, in which the search for new forms with old materials is perceived. It is an exhaustive work with numerous combinations and variations, the product of intense experimentation. Of the vast total collection, just a small part has been selected for this exhibition. 

The white, resplendent veiled surfaces are strong and fragile at the same time, and demand a closer approach to perceive their finer variations and to appreciate the almost playful structure that orders them. The atmospheres of the drawings are also abstract and not representative, which distances them from the objectual world and impresses a timeless validity on them. 

Until now, Terán validated himself through strategies sustained in conceptual art, in which the objects had a preponderant role. We also know of his interest in the processes of nature and the investigation and interpretation of its infinite metaphors. Perhaps it seems strange to compare these recent drawings with his previous works. However, it is possible if we refer to the well-known installation titled El Dorado (The Golden), exhibited in 1983 in the Espacios Alternos del Ateneo de Caracas, where, with the Orinoco as the threshold of the landscape, a trip was taken on the delta and its tributaries, investigating the overwhelming landscape and the large extensions of water that determine it, obtaining a series of conceptual paintings where image and metaphor operate juxtaposed. 

It is probable that the artist who, for a large part of his career, has been established in the practice of conceptualist tendencies, on returning to a more traditional medium like drawing also tries to deny it, without meaning to. And it is understandable that someone who is used to giving meaning to objects, who is used to challenging himself with them, allows himself in some moment to leave them temporarily to one side and resort to another vocabulary, one that is more silent and more classic but always maintaining the desire to give everything new meanings. For this reason Terán's drawings represent a type of return to beginnings, a journey that although it aspires to return without prejudice, carries a whole life in its luggage. 

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