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Leonardo Pineda - The Artist

The human being looses authenticity everyday, as a result of an overflowing and ongoing globalization. We become part of a universal culture where we look for answers to help us see, analyze and understand the world.

One of these proposals is the artist point of view. Leonardo Pineda, who has created a very unique style through traditional forms of painting and drawing, delivers his own point of view with a fair dose of sarcasm and irony.

The line, one of the most important elements of his work, strengthens the objects and serves as an external contour to the forms. The color, intense, contrasted, and almost acid chromatic intensifies the space and drama in a constant game of changing rhythm and points of visual attention. His colors and composition, or more to the point, disorganized composition, manages to captivate the observer, leading him over the canvas.

The usage of signs and symbols are also inherent elements of Pineda's style. The house or chair, the arrow or the wall sign are some of the codes that he uses to emphasize the reading. Be it the coffee cup, the shoes, the building or the airplane, they are all concepts of every day life, at home and with the family, and they are used with generosity.

The inclusion of texts, words or phrases, often inverted, involves the spectator not only in an esthetic reading, but also in a conceptual question game, because Leonardo's work is not limited to only enjoying the figurative form. With all of these elements his work depicts human reality in naked confrontation, and he does so with such raw beauty and passion.

Leonardo shares his reality with us, his experiences and emotions, letting us inside that magic space where our eyes can contemplate the world through his eyes; opening a window that leaves a smile on our lips and a question in our minds. His works are a constant independence scream, an object of affirmation of his inside strength, his devotion and loyalty to what he truly is -- an artist.


77 Van Ness Ave, 8th floor| San Francisco, CA 94102 | 1.415.690.0026