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Jorge Jurado - The Artist


One more time he expouds an articulation of different iconographies and several temporal and special plans, these plans move going into and going out of the paint in a play which remind us that imagen Breton was, showing when he was talking abaut the nonexistence duality between the ordinary and extra - ordinary: "the most wonderful of the fantastic is nothing exist, everything is real. If the fantastic has the reality with an extraordinary dimention for transforming more real, the fantastic draws the possible which lies into the real. The Jurado´s paints jump from the time looking the time, no more in the chronologic except, in a lineal way, it is the time where the past coexist with the present, where perception and memory knot each other, and the remembrance travels to the past to amuse from the past optic.

Therefore, thanks to its internal tickness the paint breaks its limitations temporal - space. The imagen merge in the same plane a multiciplity of registers and univers which exchange continually its positions in a magic way as communicative vessels. The absurd and the serious, invent an unknown friendship promoted by the process game, metaphors and analogies.

Similar mixture of iconographies and styles remember that "impure state of the paint when Dalto refers to the contemporary plastic art. For him (Jorge Jurado) the painting is in a free condition, of absolute pureness and that is the reason why is open to complex pollutions. Tend to break the stylistic coherence and thematic to locate in the heterogenous and the plural, in the fringes which connect dissimilar worlds. The difference that it is good to emphasize is where the process can conduct to a common "macdonalization of the art" as really someone has called a good part of the contemporary paint works, stablishing a plurality which reply to the cognitive wealth and rational of similar cognitive wealth at the present time is not made up associating metaphysical purenesses neither far from the close referrings, on the contrary is shaped with them. The painting nowdays neither apply for apart worlds nor autonomous but from the most regular and go on there making the meeting of the contiguous with the noncontiguous.

In this manner the painting is separated from the world but belonging to the world, apart but inside, fully took root in the images and imaginarious that we feel continuous and daily.

In this order of things it could be sured that Jorge Jurado´s works spread the offer "macdonalitante", the simple gathering of unequal images, tending to make relation guide lines.

The relations which say if there is some thing amazing do not refuse to their rational verosimilitud, his works try to catch the operative logic of the imagination and the memory. Through them a meetings web is made where everything keeps a private relation each other, where the apparently far and inconsistent is mixed up. His paints get close to the sensation of traveling inside of us when we travel around the world, glimpsing the the life´s rhyme, intuiting how the past could be hidden in a material object.

The paintings seem to pull out the skeins to the felt transforming each shape in something crystalline, sensitive to reveal new worlds. In that process came together incentives, movements, silhovettes showing another worlds, texts working as an echo and a detonating when happened something to the images. That power of opening the reality through metaphorical and analogical issue, remind us the "poetic health " state suggested by Baudelaire - suggest to join perfume, colors, and sounds. That good poetic health, orchestrated by the imagination, "the most scientific of thehabilities", let to spread out the limits space - temporal, multiply and simultaneous put together everyting, thanks to the túnel which are dug by our view.

The chosen iconographies and the general actitude which helps as a substance in the paints, invite us unavoidable to explore the kid condition of people. Coming together with that condition more than just a simple regretion could became in a big advance if we consider that it can guide us to do from reality our main toy and, by the way, accede to the same lightness when a child sees the winged fringe of the life.

Javier Gil


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