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Early works by Gerardo R Caro

"I have tried to create a permanent dialogue between the abstract and the figurative, a dialogue that is very difficult for many to create within the same painting, since it is said that they are not compatible, that they cannot be formed about the same subject. In fact, this work is a compendium of events or histories that are are mostly unreal, like childish dreams, like events of the unconscious, from sub-worlds that make us feel unexpected things and that, at the same time, are as real as the canvas and the wood that support the painting."

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Artist: Gerardo R Caro, 2004
Title: Observador
Size: 58x58" (150x150cm)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
77 Van Ness Ave, 8th floor| San Francisco, CA 94102 | 1.415.690.0026