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Gerardo R Caro - The Artist


My basic method, how I control the textures that cover the greater part of my paintings' surfaces, is a meticulous labor of superimposing materials in layers, sometimes very thinly and sometimes taking advantage of the material's entire density. With this form, I achieve a transparency and depth in which the results are unpredictable. This technique is not a personal invention, since many artists experiment with the same method. Technique itself is not a specific concept, and for this reason I do not believe in the intellectual ownership of technique, a position held by many. Defining the theme and its application, perceiving the technique and its development in details, is what gives a particular touch and a personal imprint to the work.

In this infinite universe of overlapping, superimposing and uniting forms, there always exists a particular mood that identifies each of the paintings I make, constantly dwelling on creating a sensation for anyone who observes the piece.

The perception of the material by color and texture from two-dimensional practice creates an effect of sculptural reality, since the observer halts his or her gaze for a moment on the construction details and on the anchors used to support materials as heavy as steel and rock, or as light as a water drop.

I have tried to create a permanent dialogue between the abstract and the figurative, a dialogue that is very difficult for many to create within the same painting, since it is said that they are not compatible, that they cannot be formed about the same subject. In fact, this work is a compendium of events or histories that are are mostly unreal, like childish dreams, like events of the unconscious, from sub-worlds that make us feel unexpected things and that, at the same time, are as real as the canvas and the wood that support the painting.

The subjects are as varied as life itself--I enjoy the objects and the beings that surround me, each visible aspect of life. All these make up the subjects that inspire me: the collision between everyday life and the imagination . The attempt to explain the ambiguity of the mind is the challenge that consistently reappears in the realization of all my paintings: this parallel world inside of us, in black and white, that must be defined with color, texture and form.

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